Recon armor

Recon armor worn by Abraham.

Abraham Smasher is Topple101's Fallout 3 avatar on the PC. He, according to Topple101, is the cousin of Ringo Smasher.

Unique ActionsEdit

Abraham sided with the Pitt Raiders against the Slaves. He disarmed the bomb in Megaton only for the house and later betrayed them.

Unique CharacteristicsEdit


Abraham commonly wears Recon Armor and carries a Chinese Assault Rifle that he took from Lucas Simms' body.


Abraham specializes in the use of Small Guns, Speaking, Bartering and Repairing arms and armor


Strength: 10

Perception: 5

Endurance: 6

Charisma: 5

Intelligence: 10

Agility: 5

Luck: 5