Elite Riot Gear

Riot gear commonly wore By Ringo.

Ringo Smasher is Topple101's Fallout: New Vegas character on the Xbox 360.


Ringo was born in 2259 in Primm to Walter and Elizabeth Smasher. After his parents deaths in 2280 he decided to be a courier to support himself. In 2281 he was shot between the eyes by a mysterious figure. Currently he got vengence on the man and lives at the Smith Mesa Prospector Camp by Cottonwood Cove with Lily, Raul, Ed-E, Boone, Gannon and a stray dog named Willis.


Ringo believes that the NCR should be given full control of the Mojave for they protect it from the evil of Caesar's Legion. He also believes they will be able to reestablish justice and law across the wasteland.

Unique ActionsEdit

He is a friend of the NCR and the Followers of the Apocalypse but hated by Caesar's Legion, BoS, The Strip, Boomers, Freeside, Great Khans, the White Glove Society, Westside, and the Omertas.

He has killed many famous people. Heroes and Tyrants alike here's a list of a few:


Veronica Santangelo

Elder Mcnamara and the Brotherhood of Steel

Mr. House



Big Sal

Unique CharacteristicsEdit


Guns: 100

Repair: 100

Jury rigging perk. Ringo's favorite perk.

Barter: 100

Speech: 100

Lockpick: 100

Science: 100

Medicine: 100

Explosives: 56

Energy Weapons: 46

Survival: 41

Unarmed: 35

Melee Weapons: 25

Sneak: 20

As of level 39


Strength: 10

Perception: 5

Endurance: 6

Charisma: 5

Intelligence: 7

Agility: 6
512px-Two-Step Goodbye

Two Step Goodbye

Luck: 10


Riot Shotgun

Brush Gun

Marksman Carbine

Lever action shotgun

Anti Materiel rifle

Laser Rcw

Two Step Goodbye

Assault Carbine

Red Glare

Recent ActivitiesEdit

Lately Ringo traversed the Divide and murdered Ulysses with 3 mini nukes and fired the nukes at Caesar's Legion. He looked through the irradiated ruins of the Dry Wells and killed Gaius Magnus and took his armor.
Duster n Mask