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Gary Oldsmobile as he wears an Old World Duster,black beret and smokes a cigar holding a survivalist rifle found while exploring Zion Canyon.

Where to begin with Mister Oldsmobile, he is a level 50 Good karma character on the PC that uses Rifles such as the service rifle,assualt rifle and an M1 Grand dubbed "This Machine".He surprisingly does not have a Pip-boy 3000 but rather a Readius developed and Manufactured by Scorp-Tech. He has also found a set of Remnants armor which was used by the Enclave in 2242. He is the leader of a detachment of a group called the Oldsmobile Corp while this faction is small in the west only consisting of 10 members,the Oldsmobile Corp in the east around the D.C. Area is large and is better equiped while being led by his brother Johny Oldsmobile.


The Oldsmobile Corp uses this as their flag while it has been used by other factions like the settlement in the divide this one best represents the corp as a whole.

Unique Actions Edit

Gary Oldsmobile, as created by Darth Dementer, has made allies with almost every known faction except Ceaser's Legion and although thinks NCR is not great for the mojave certainly not like it used to be back 2242 he does support the bringing back of democracy ideals. You can often see him traveling with Raul and EDE as they are his two Favorite Companions.He has killed Ceasar and saved President Aaron Kimball and made an alliance between the NCR and BoS(his favorite faction by far) to stop the bloodshed between the two factions,he has also hunted down the fiend leaders and Powder Gangers as bringing criminals to justice.
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Gary Oldsmobile's Companions

Gary's Adventure into unknown lands(DLC) Edit

Dead Money Summary:Gary Rescued all trapped companions,Forged God and Dog into one being,Let Dean Domino and Christine Live and Eliminated Elder Elijah for the Circle of Steel.

Honest Hearts Summary:Gary Found all Locations,found the Survivalist Rifle and Desert Ranger Armor,he helped Joshua Graham defeat the White Legs but let Salt-upon-wounds live.

Old World Blues Summary:Gary Found all Locations reactivated all personality AI.s,had an affair with Light Switch one and two from what they told me and also let Doctor Mobius live as he was the lesser of both evils but also sparred the think tank as to not lose the best of the old world scientific community.

Lonesome Road Summary: Traveled the Divide and fought Ghosts of the west and east as well as creatures that lived in the rubble of the old world,When the time came he spared Ulysses and spared The NCR and Legion as for what he thought was no one deserves Nuclear Death. As a gift from Ulysses he Recieved two things a Message and A Duster with an Old World Flag painted on the back.

Gary's Reputation with the neighboring Factions Edit

Boomers: Idolized

Brotherhood of Steel: Idolized

The Picture you see if you are idolized with a certain faction in Fallout 2.

Legion: Vilified

Freeside: Liked

Goodsprings: Idolized

Great Khans: Idolized

NCR: Idolized

Novac: Idolized

Powder Gangers: Merciful Thug

The Strip: Idolized

White Glove Society: Idolized

Unique Characteristics Edit

He is highly skilled in most if not all skills but prefers the Gun skill and First aid skill,he has the Prop
Vault boy Nuka cola

Gary's favorite soft drink as held by non other than the Vault-tec mascot

er Discipline and Wild Wasteland Trait so his adventures are a bit more cosmetic,he has a modified Service Rifle which makes it fully automatic and replaced the stock and barrel with a black metal version but prefers the survivalist rifle for its high damage and accuracy.He Digs Nuka-cola and Donuts but was very dissapointed that they didnt have any donut shops in New Vegas. He smokes old world cigars as his brother did back on the east coast.His favorite Casino is the Tops (ring-a-ding-ding baby) and owns a house in Novac where he stores his equipment in the fridge as he wants to keep them fresh but actualy never uses his house as a base cause he prefers to camp outside.Gary also is the only person outside of the legion besides Ulysses that pronounces Caesar by the proper Latin Pronunciation instead of the modern form


  • Gary has found relics of the Vault Dweller in his travels.
    Vault dweller

    The Vault Dweller