Gary Oldmobile

Gary Oldsmobile in the Capital, his home

Darth Dementer's Fallout 3 PC character:Johny Oldsmobile is Darth Dementer's Fallout 3 avatar. He commonly wields a M-16 Assault Rifle and wears a Brotherhood Outcast Robe and a Chinese Ushanka from before the war.

Unique ActionsEdit

Johny like his brother in the west is a natural good karma character but his recent "endevavors have left him at a neutral karma point" He is equiped with a readius like his brother and smokes a cuban cigar. They both grew up in D.C. but his brother had to go west, Johny gave him the readius and one of his specialized M16 Rifles know in the west as Service Rifle. Johny does not follow the same story as the lone wanderer but rather his own faction which cannot be further explained due to it being classified.

Once Johny and his faction had an uneasy truce with the Brotherhood of Steel of the east,tensions were high but stable enough that all changed when the he discovered Tesla Cannon Technology something like that which could kill a Vertibird in one shot was devastating so he ordered the Adams Air force airstrike to hit the citadel. The Brotherhood Outcasts and Western BoS congratulated Johny and his Corp for removal of a thorn from their side.

While the Enclave had advanced armor and weaponry they were not the right choice for America's Rebirth as such they had to be wiped out,Johny fought them at all sides and emerged victourious but at the cost of his own men as well.

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