Joe Kola is CountryStrong106's Fallout: New Vegas avatar. He is level 23 and is known to all as The Vegas Myth. He can usually be seen near the Lucky 38 where he now lives as the strips new leader along with a Securitron who goes by the name of Yes Man. He will occasionaly visit factions such as the famous Boomers and the mysterious Brotherhood these of which are 2 of the few factions Joe Kola has allied himself with.

Unique ActionsEdit

After tricking the Legion and NCR into giving him keys to their safe houses, Joe then betrayed both factions killing Caesar at The Fort and assassinating President Kimball with Freedom. He then killed all NCR and Legion forces on sight including the many assassins sent to kill him by both of the factions. He is currently helping the Think Tank fight the sinister Doctor Mobius. He has answered only one of the few Mysterious Broadcasts that appeared on his Pip-boys radio stations soon after leaving Doc Mitchells house that fateful day. He plans on achieving his dream of an independant Mojave free of any trace of NCR or Legion.

Unique CharacteristicsEdit

He favors no skill over any other right now. He uses the CZ57 Avenger and a fully modded Anti-Material Rifle that he calls Freedom. His companions include a floating Eyebot who he calls Eddie and a girl of the Brotherhood of Steel, who wants nothing more then to own a dress, named Veronica.

Joe's Reputation With Various FactionsEdit


Brotherhood of Steel: Idolized

Caesar's Legion: Vilified

Followers of the Apocalypse: Neutral

Freeside: Liked

Goodsprings: Idolized

Great Khans: Accepted

NCR: Vilified

Novac: Accepted

Powder Gangers: Vilified

The Strip: Accepted