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Mr. Johnson wielding Old Glory while wearing his ever present attire with his hideout in the backround(a special thanks to Dark Dementer for making this photo)

Mr. Johnson is CountryStrong106's Fallout: New Vegas avatar. He can usually be seen wearing Elite Riot Gear and a 1st recon beret. He has a Hideout at the old Wolfhorn Ranch which Ullyses used when he was a succesful Bighorner Rancher while using the Novac Hotel Room for his main place to sleep and recover after a days work of clearing deathclaws and other animals and abominations from the Mojave. He has been seen wandering the Capital Wasteland and a few years later the Mojave Wasteland.

Unique ActionsEdit

Mr.Johnson has made allies with very few factions not liking the NCR or Legions way of treating their citizens he killed anyone that he saw that belonged to either of those factions cursing them for helping the factions. When he travelled to the Divide he killed Rawr and launched Nuclear Missiles at both Dry Wells and Long 15 after getting Ulysses to help him fight off the Marked Men who then gave Johnson Old Glory which he's used since that day. He forced the Think Tank to stay at Big MT to do research for him while also sparing Mobius's life. At Zion he killed Ghost of She, drove out the White legs, while also sparing Salt-Upon-Wounds's life. At the Seirra Madre he mended Dog and God into one spared Christine and Deans lives while reasoning with Elijah and helping him cover the Mojave in a cloud of toxic gas and invinsible holograms while also stealing all of Sinclairs fortune that Domino had tryed stealing for the last 200 years. He brought the Brotherhood of Steel back to power and recruited the Remnants. He sided with a Securitron named Yes Man, in the end, helping him take over the dam driving back NCR and Legion alike.

Unique CharacteristicsEdit

  • Prefers the use of explosives and Big guns, preferably Old Glory, the Red Glare, the CZ57 Avenger, and the Ranger Sequoia.
  • Companions are Raul and ED-E
  • Trained well in most skills.
  • Highly trained in Guns and Explosives.