AKtrollin's Fallout: New Vegas Character, The Courier, is his avatar during the events of Fallout: New Vegas on the Xbox 360. He prefers to use energy based weapons. He is a level 25 Good Karma character. He has not yet chosen a side for the 2nd Battle of Hoover Dam.

Unique ActionsEdit

He has decided to kill the Think Tank of Big MT, he evacuated Zion Canyon, and he plans on choosing the NCR path. He has done all good Karma quests for Goodsprings. He has also wiped out the Ceaser's Legion at the Fort with the help of Boone. He has also wiped out the Powder Gangers at the NCRCF.

Unique CharacteristicsEdit

  • Highly trained in Guns and Barter skill.
  • Despised by Ceaser's Legion and the Powder Gangers.